Vote Monopoli, Pearlman, Swaim for School Committee

The town election is ‪‪May 8th, and the Alliance for Brookline Schools is endorsing three outstanding candidates for School Committee (SC): Jennifer Monopoli, the mother of two children in the Public Schools of Brookline (PSB) and an award-winning public school teacher in Newton; and David Pearlman, a child welfare attorney and advocate, graduate of the PSB, and Town Meeting Member; Jim Swaim, a retired principal and teacher in Brookline and Newton.

The Alliance is a partnership of five organizations: Brookline PAX, Brookline Parents Organization, Brookline Educators Union, Brookline for Racial Justice and Equity, Citizens For Public Schools. We came together to support Brookline teachers in their three-year struggle for a fair contract. We are disappointed that the SC’s approach continues to be top-down and driven by data of little use to the teacher. We see dreary bureaucratic management instead of real vision and leadership. Our schools are succumbing to standardization of policy, curriculum and testing. The results? Demoralization and frustration.

The Alliance believes that transparency and community involvement are the pre-conditions of excellent schools. While we do not want to see an ever-growing bureaucracy of highly paid administrators, we do support the override because we need to improve our teacher/student ratios and provide excellent services to all students.

The Alliance vetting process is rigorous. We send all SC candidates a comprehensive questionnaire and follow up with in-depth interviews. This gives us confidence that the candidates we endorse will promote progressive values in Brookline’s schools. Jennifer, David, and Jim want our students to have a rich, joyful experience in school. They trust that our educators are skilled, creative, effective professionals. They believe that education must be racially inclusive and equitable. They care deeply about all of Brookline’s children, educators, and schools. Their courage and energy will make them effective agents of change. Please vote for them ‪on May 8th!

Lauren Bernard, on behalf of the Alliance for Brookline Schools