Ruth Kaplan: Monopoli, Pearlman and Swaim for School Committee

Running for School Committee in Brookline takes courage.  This is a town that cares deeply about its schools and its residents have strong opinions and views about how they function.

I am very pleased that so many town residents have stepped up this year to run for School Committee.  It’s healthy for democracy.
I am also very enthusiastic about supporting Jennifer Monopoli, David Pearlman and Jim Swaim to represent us on our local board.

When I ran for School Committee in 2003, I was very concerned about the negative impact of MCAS testing and the barriers it created for our most vulnerable students.  I advocated for more focus on the needs of special education students and children with social and emotional challenges that interfered with their ability to learn.

Monopoli, Pearlman and Swaim each care deeply about these issues and also understand the need to allow teachers the freedom to teach and support children.  They oppose top-down business models of education that threaten to undermine Brookline’s fine teachers.

These three are a breath of fresh air and bring energy and new perspectives to take our schools to the next level by restoring teacher autonomy, whole child education and transparency.

Every vote counts; last year a very fine School Committee candidate lost by a mere three votes.

Please vote on Tuesday, May 8.  It matters!

Ruth Kaplan
Spooner Road

Former School Committee
Former State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education member
Town Meeting Member, Pct 13