Keith Harrington: Vote Pearlman for School Committee

I’m a Brookline Firefighter, real estate developer at Red Tree, and Charity Board member at City Kids and No Book No Ball, two organizations helping children pursue their educational goals. I’m also the father of two girls who will attend the Brookline Public Schools. My wife, Carrie, a former teacher, and I ask that you join us in voting for David Pearlman on May 8.

I’ve known David for 30 years as my classmate at Devotion and BHS, as a youth soccer teammate, and currently as one of my Town Meeting members. David is open, honest, thoughtful and insightful. He’s a great listener who respectfully hears people out. As a TMM, he responds promptly and thoroughly, offering creative solutions to challenging issues.

Professionally, David works as a child welfare attorney, advocating for children and families. He believes every child deserves a good home, quality health care, and an excellent education. He fights for children and parents in the courtroom and he’ll be a strong voice for them on our School Committee.

Most of David’s child welfare clients are low income minorities. David will work hard ensuring their voices are heard. He will address the opportunity gap, promote expansion of wraparound services, and champion a comprehensive curriculum of project-based interdisciplinary learning that reflects the diversity of our community.

I trust that David will be fair-minded and equitable. He works hard to understand a situation before acting on it and believes that parents, teachers, students, and other interested parties should be empowered to actively participate. He thinks school decisions should reflect the will of the community.

We need a child welfare advocate on the School Committee who knows town government and understands how to make it better. Vote for David Pearlman on May 8.

— Keith Harrington, Brook Property Management