Jennifer Monopoli

My name is Jennifer Monopoli and I am running for Brookline School Committee. I am a mother of two children who attend the Public Schools of Brookline: my daughter is at the Lawrence School and my son attends the Lincoln School.

I have also been working in public education as an elementary teacher for 15 years in both suburban and urban districts. I have held leadership positions in all of the schools I have worked in and have helped write curriculum in both districts. I truly enjoy teaching and feel passionate about public education.

These experiences give me a unique perspective that prepares me for the challenge of serving on the School Committee. I am running for the Brookline School Committee because I am concerned about the present and future direction of our children’s educational experiences. I am committed to public education, transparency, equity, high expectations for all students, and developing well rounded citizens.

I want to draw from our schools system’s many strengths –

  • involved community members,
  • supportive parents,
  • engaged students and
  • highly qualified teachers.

I also want our schools to represent what is important to us as a community.

  • More time on learning and less focus on high stakes testing
    • Increase focus on creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills
    • Interdisciplinary time allocations
    • Focus on the whole child promoting well citizens
  • Transparency on policies, decision making and hiring
    • Clearer and fuller explanations to the community on policy matters
    • Increased parent and community involvement in leadership hires
  • Budgeting and spending that will directly impact students and student learning
    • funding teachers and support staff with direct instruction time with students
    • smaller class sizes for increased success
    • increased support for at risk students
    • timely and efficient solutions for overcrowding
    • long-term planning and budgeting for updating, repairing and expanding existing buildings, while utilizing MSBA funding
  • Protection of recess time
    • Providing beneficial physical and mental break time and free play for students which increases student engagement on academic tasks
  • Programs and curriculum that focus on the social and emotional needs of learners to
    • address the growing problem of bullying
    • build a just and caring community
    • respect and celebrate diversity
  • Equity for all students regardless of race, income, religion, culture and gender identity
  • A strong School Committee is responsive to student needs and the needs of the community

Please visit my website or email me to learn more about me and what I stand for. I would be honored to represent the voices of our community on the School Committee. Don’t forget to vote on May 8th! Our community needs your voice and your vote!

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